Warren Aviation

 Club, Inc.


By Laws and General Operating Rules



As Revised: February 2012




The purpose of this Club shall be the “Promotion of Aviation Activities, the Education of Club Members and the Provision of Aircraft for use by Club Members at Economical Rates in a Manner that will Benefit the Club and its Members.”


A.  Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be comprised of five (5) Board Members.   Board Members shall be nominated and elected by a majority vote during the April Meeting each year and shall serve one (1) year terms.   Board Members may succeed themselves if re-elected.  If a Board position becomes vacant during the term of service, for any reason whatsoever, the remaining Board Members shall appoint a Successor Board Member by concurrence of any three (3) remaining Board Members.

B.  Officers

There shall be four (4) Officers of the Corporation:  President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Officers shall be nominated and elected by a majority vote during the April Meeting of each year, for one (1) year terms.  Officers may succeed themselves if re-elected.  One (1) individual may hold any number of offices.   If an office becomes vacant during the term of service, a new Officer will  be appointed by a majority vote of the Club Members.


The President may appoint assistants and committees as required.



A. Eligibility

            1.  Must be nominated by a current member in good standing.

            2.  Must meet requirements and certification for the operations the candidate intends to conduct and the aircraft the candidate intends to fly as described in current Federal Aviation Administration Regulations along with all other governing agency regulations.

            3.  Applicant must submit a completed application for review by the Membership and Board of Directors.  Acceptance will require approval by a majority of the Membership present at a regularly scheduled or special Club Meeting and unanimous approval by the Board of Directors.

B.  Responsibilities

            1.  Members must pay monthly dues, fees and current hourly rates as described in Schedule B.

            2.  If a Member is responsible for any damage to a Club owned aircraft, that Member shall pay the Insurance Deductible, plus 20% of the remainder of damage not covered by Insurance.  The remaining 80% of the damage will be paid equally by all Club Members including above said Member.  Either the said Member or the Club may request a determination of responsibility by the Board of   Directors with the assistance of two (2) impartial parties experienced in the field of aviation.  The Member involved may select one (1) of the parties (whose services shall be of no cost to the Club) and the Board of Directors is to select the other.  If gross negligence on the part of the Member is determined by the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors may adjust the payment formula with advice from the two impartial parties.

            3.  Members are required to help with Club responsibilities and are encouraged to attend as many regularly scheduled Meetings as possible.  Some examples of Club Responsibilities might include but are not limited to:  cleaning of the airplanes, cleaning of the hangar and office, assisting with annual maintenance and practicing good preventive maintenance on the airplanes, assisting with social gatherings, recruiting new members, assisting other Members when needed, holding offices, voting and encouraging other Members to fly and attend meetings.

            4.  Members must be familiar with and abide by the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations and the Warren Aviation Club By Laws, General Operating Rules and Schedules.

            5.  Each Member is responsible for providing the Corporation with current flight eligibility information and shall not use a Club Aircraft unless such is provided.  Failure of the Club Member to provide the required information and subsequent use of Club property shall render that Club Member fully responsible and liable for Club Equipment.

            6.  All Members are responsible for immediately reporting to an Officer, who shall inform the Board of Directors any of the following:

a. Actions that may result in risks not covered by Insurance or

affect the Club’s ability to continue its Insurance and avoid

unnecessary cost increases.


b. Actions that may be in violation of the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations.


                        c. Actions resulting in injury and/or property damage.


            All of the above contingencies will be subject to a review of the Board of Directors who will decide a course of action.




C.  Privileges


            1.  The use of Club property as subject to Federal Aviation Administration Regulations and Warren Aviation Club policies and as described in the General Operating Rules – Schedule A.


            2.  Attendance at Club Meetings and Events.


            3.  Vote as described in current By Laws on all matters concerning Club activities.


D.  Resignations and Leaves of Absence


            1.  Resignations and Leaves of Absence must be submitted and received in writing to a Club Officer prior to the seventh (7th) calendar day of the month in which the Resignation or Leave of Absence is to become effective and the Club must vote on it at a regularly scheduled or special Meeting.


            2.  Members resigning or requesting a Leave of Absence are responsible for all charges and membership fees accrued during their Membership.


            3.  The Leave of Absence will be for a minimum of one (1) year.  At the end of one (1) year, the Member may be re-admitted upon request at a cost of $100, and upon the majority vote of Club Members, and providing the Member left in good standing.  If the Member requests earlier admittance back into the Club, they must pay all back monthly dues from the time of the Leave of Absence.  Members being re-admitted must meet current eligibility requirements.  In the event Membership is at its maximum, readmission will be delayed, but said Applicant will be given priority.


E.  Revocation of Membership


            1.  Any Member whose actions are found to be detrimental to the welfare of the Club or harmful to the Club’s property shall be subject to having his/her Membership revoked by a majority vote of the Membership present at a Monthly Meeting or at a Special Meeting called for such purpose.  All Members must be provided with written or email notice that such action is to take place at least seven (7) days prior to such meeting.   However, if it is determined by the Board of Directors that a delay in action to revoke said Membership could endanger persons or property, the Board of Directors shall have the authority to place a “temporary suspension” on said Club Member until a formal Meeting can be held.  The “temporary suspension” shall be delivered in writing to said Member.


            2.  If any Member’s unpaid account balance becomes past sixty (60) days due, and reasonable efforts have not been made to pay it, said Member will be sent a “Sixty Day Notice” demanding payment within 15 days.  If payment is still not received within the 15 days of such notice, said Member shall be subject to having his/her Membership revoked by a majority vote at a regular or special Meeting, including at least two (2) of the Members of the Board of Directors.  All Members must be provided with written or email notice that such action is to take place at least 15 days prior to such action.  In addition, legal collection efforts may begin at this time.

            3.  Any person having his/her Membership revoked shall not be covered by Article  IV; Section D; Paragraph 3 which refers to Leaves of Absence, and would have to abide by Article IV; Section A in order to be considered for re-admittance.


F.  Suspension


            1.  Any time a Member’s unpaid account balance becomes $400 or more, for a period of two (2) months or more, said Member will lose all flying and voting privileges until the account has been paid in full.

            2.  If a Member's unpaid account balance is more than sixty (60) days due, there will be no $20 Monthly Flying Credit given and said past due Member is ineligible for any free monthly flying drawings which may be offered from time to time.





Regular Meetings shall be held monthly and a list of the Regular Meeting dates shall be published each December for the following year.


Special Meetings may be called whenever necessary by any Two (2) Members of the Board of Directors.   A quorum shall consist of one third (1/3rd) of the total Voting Club Membership.


Actions may be taken without a Meeting by means of email or other written media when determined by the President or Vice-President to be appropriate, and if a good faith effort has been made to see that all voting Members are notified.




Amendments to the By Laws may be made upon approval of the Board of Directors and by a vote of two thirds (2/3rds) of the members present at a regular or special meeting where the members have been given two weeks notice of the changes proposed for a vote at that meeting.




In accordance with the Nonprofit Corporation Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, no part of the income or surplus of a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation may be distributed to its members, directors or officers; however, reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered.



A.  All Aircraft shall be operated under all Federal, State and Local regulations, as well as abide by individual Airport Rules and Procedures.


B.  All Flight Instructors must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors, which reserves the right to revoke such approval.


C.  All Members must be “checked out” in and endorsed for the specific Club owned aircraft by a Warren Aviation Club approved Flight Instructor prior to any flight operation in that aircraft regardless of previous certification for that aircraft type.  In addition, Members will become familiar with use and care of Club equipment policies & procedures via a briefing from a current Club Member.


D.  A copy of each Member’s current Pilot License, Medical (if applicable), Flight Review, and/or Student Solo 90-Day Competency Check and Club owned Aircraft Endorsement must be on file before each flight.  Copies of same may be given to an Officer or Member of the Board of Directors or filed directly into the Warren Aviation Club files prior to flight.


E.  All flying time shall be scheduled in Warren Aviation Club’s Calendar prior to flight.  In addition, flight information should be noted on the whiteboard in the office prior to departure.   No aircraft will be held for more than twenty (20) minutes after scheduled time.


F.  Each Member must utilize the Warren Aviation Club Checklists as well as the Aircraft Manufacturer’s Recommended General Operating Checklists.


G.  All logging of flight time, fuel and oil will be the responsibility of the Club Member.


H.  There will be no Student Solos unless:


1.  The Member has obtained authorization from a Warren Aviation Club Authorized Flight Instructor for each flight.


2.  The flight is conducted in accordance with all applicable Federal Aviation Administration Regulations, including having all necessary documents onboard the aircraft at all times.


I.  Members will have five (5) days limit for use of Aircraft on trips or cross-country flights.  Any Member wishing to take an Aircraft for longer than five (5) days must receive prior approval of Club Members at a Warren Aviation Club Meeting or by majority vote via email.  The Member will then be charged a minimum of One (1) hour per day for its use.  However, if emergency or unusual circumstances should arise while said Club Member is on their Cross-Country flight, making it impossible for them to return in a timely manner, the Board of Directors may take into consideration waiving a portion of the daily charge.


J.  No member shall take off or land a Club owned aircraft from any airstrip which is not classified as a Private or Public Use Airport, except those specifically approved by the Board of Directors. 


K.  For all aircraft fuel and oil purchased away from Brokenstraw Airport, the Member shall pay the difference over Club cost of the fuel and oil.  Each Member is authorized to spend $100 for emergency repairs away from Brokenstraw Airport.  Approval from one of the Warren Aviation Club Officers must be obtained to spend in excess of $100 for emergency repairs.  All repairs over $500 shall require approval of a majority vote of the Club Members.


L.  Club property maintenance dates are set in advance and will be scheduled in the spring and the fall.  The purpose of these dates is to update, maintain and/or repair Club property.


M.  There is NO SMOKING permitted in Club Aircraft or in Warren Aviation Club Hangar or Office.  There is also absolutely NO SMOKING while re-fueling the Club aircraft or checking the oil.


N.  The Club Aeronca Champ Insurance Policy requires Club Members to have a tailwheel endorsement and a minimum of 10 hrs. Tailwheel Time prior to being insured.


Effective December 1, 2016


A.  New Member Initiation Fee: .................................... $600.00....

B.  Monthly Member Dues: ..............................................$40.00....

C.  Cessna 172 Flight Time/hr.: ........................................$83.00*..

D.  Aeronca Champ Flight Time/hr.: ............................... $72.50*..

E.  Monthly dues Flying Credit: ........................................ $0.00**

F.  Leave of Absence Re-admittance Fee:  $100.00 (1 yr. or more)


Brokenstraw Airport fuel cost effective December 1, 2016 is $4.40/gal.


*Flight Rates will be changed automatically when the cost of fuel changes (either up or down) at Brokenstraw Airport. The current fuel cost is posted on the Brokenstraw Airport website at www.flybrokenstraw.com. This schedule will be updated at the beginning of the month after the fuel cost change. The “Aeronca Champ” rate will change in the amount of .75/hr. for each .10 fuel cost change and rounded to the nearest half dollar.  The “Cessna 172” rate will change in the amount of $1.00/hr. for each .10 fuel cost change and rounded to the nearest half dollar.


**To receive the flying credit, monthly dues and flight expenses must not be in arrears. The flying credit must be used prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting and by the Member who obtained it.